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Get Fit & Have Fun

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Combining the love of

hoop dance and fitness

gym  hula hoop equipment
gym  hula hoop equipment
gym  hula hoop equipment
gym  hula hoop equipment

In Person Classes Available

In Person Classes Available

What Is All The Hoopla About Hooping?

You might say I have never hooped before or I can never do that or what is so fun about standing and hooping? It is fun and yes you can do it. Anyone can do a form of hooping that will improve your health and increase your happy cells!

Waist Hooping Or On Body Hooping

This type of hooping uses a larger hoop that moves much slower. Waist hooping which is also called on body hooping is only one aspect of hooping and a small portion of what hooping is all about. It is something you can take your time to learn and learn it at your pace all while getting healther everytime you try!

Off Body Hooping and Hoop Dance

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My Hooping Journey

How do I start my hooping journey?

What Size Hoop Should I Start Waist Hooping With?

This is an important question and usually the first one everyone asks. Maybe you have tried to waist hoop with your child’s or grandchild’s hoop or even grabbed one in the toy department and noticed that it was impossible to keep the hoop going. That is because they are toys made for children. They are way too small and way too light. You need an adult beginner hoop.

Adult Beginner Waist Hoops

To learn waist hooping you need an adult beginner hoop. These are much larger and thicker. Ideally you need a hoop that when touching the floor the hoop reaches up to your waist or close to it. The tubing is usually about 3/4" in diameter and made out of HDPE tubing and has grip tape around it. The larger the hoop the slower it will spin and give you time to find the momentum to push the hoop and keep it going.

What About Weighted Hoops?

Some people use weighted hoops for quick weight loss. They can range from 2 lbs to 8lbs! I personally do not recommend weighted hoops. They can cause bruising and other worse injuries depending on the weight of hoop. Also some come with ridges on the inside of the hoop. Those are also not a good idea as they can cause bruising. Standard beginner hoops do not have extra weight added but usually weigh a pound or a pound and a half due to the size of the tubing. My recommendation would be to use a hoop under two pounds for safety. Trust me you will feel these hoops and burn lots of calories with these hoops.

Where Do I Get My First Waist Hoop?

Adult beginner hoops can be purchased online. Below is a list of some links where you can purchase your beginner hoops. If you live locally you can purchase a beginner hoop from me. Unfortunately I do not ship hoops.

Hoopologie: (They are called weighted but there is no extra weight added. Just the weight of the tubing)

Cosmic Vibe Hoops:

Learn to Waist


Waist Hooping Tutorial

Get started with waist hooping!

When learning to waist hoop it is best to use a large beginner hoop. If you live local you can purchase a beginner hoop from me. Unfortunately I do not ship hoops. Hoops can also be bought online on

Start Your Journey Here!

Online Beginner Hoop Classes

Please check back soon. All the information you need to purchase the very affordable online library of beginner hoop lessons that you can access anytime will be here!

These lessons are the foundation of hoop dance and fitness. You will learn gentle hoop tricks and moves and learn to put them in a flow so you can enjoy your inner circle dance while improving your physical and mental health. These moves are for everyone. No experience is necessary, just the willingness to move to music.

So make your hoop dance playlist and get ready for happy cells to increase!

Mean while check out what you can learn!

Beginner Hoop Dance Choreo

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My Hooping Journey

My name is Beverly Larsen & this is my hooping journey

The Lock Down

When Covid lock down hit I decided, like many others, that I needed something to keep me healthy. I started watching hoopers online and was hooked! Watching how the hoopers let the hoop float and dance around them just mesmerized me. I hooped a little before that with my beginner hoop but wanted to learn the magic they were doing using large hoops and smaller and lighter hoops.

My First Off-Body Hoop

In 2022 I ordered my first off-body hoops. These are smaller and lighter than on body and waist hooping hoops. I started watching and learning from tutorials taught online by amazing hoopers. I practiced both on-body and of-body hooping. They both have beautiful grace and flow. Since then I have been hooping almost daily, practicing and working on my craft.

My Discovery

I discovered how great hooping was for health and quality of life. It changed mine. I lost weight, got stronger and more flexble. My balance and dextertity improved and found I was a much happier person! I had to share what this amazing circle can do for ones life!

Teacher Certification

August, 2023, I became certified for teaching with Live Love Hoop. My certification includes teaching beginner and intermediate hoop lessons and tricks, hoop dance, hoop exercise and hoop combos and choreography.

I currently teach live classes at Highland Activity Center in Michigan and also do special events at camping events, farmers markest and more. I am expanding out to teach online and virtual.

I hope you give hooping a try. It really is for everyone. It doesn’t matter your skill level. You will get amazing benefits from it and it will look beautiful feel so good as you dance with your hoop!